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Today is our day to unite! Join our weekly “Oakland Community Unity Meeting and Prayers at 1:00

As-Salaam Alaikum!

We look forward to discussing with you, and celebrating the life of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, whose 124th Birth Anniversary has arrived. Join our discussion of the following topics:

  • Who is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

  • What is His Mission?

  • Who gave him the Mission?

  • Why he prayed for His Minister, Farrakhan?

  • How should we understand His Mission in Context?

  • We have a special segment to allow you to hear The Honorable Elijah Muhammad in His Own Words and Voice.

Have you ever listened to this Great Man of God, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

Don’t miss our special Saviours’ Day edition of the Oakland Community Unity Meeting and Prayers. Guests are welcomed! Call into our conference at 1:00 at (720)740-9213.

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