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Replay the Grand Finale of the Oakland Community Unity Meeting and Prayers

Relive our afternoon meeting featuring Brother Abdul Sabur Muhammad and our special guest from Houston, Texas, Twitter General, Brother Abdul Qiyam Muhammad.

  • Today, we discussed the pandemic, our shelter in place, and the transition back to our home Mosques for in person meetings.

  • The importance and meaning of a witness.

  • How the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan walked through pneumonia and never stopped teaching before Justice or Else.

  • The Minister thanked everyone that has help spread the word of a man with timeless wisdom.

  • The Minister’s lessons on love in his word and example.

  • And more.

Here is a link to relive this historic conference call.

Please leave your thoughts or questions in this blog or in our forum.

May Allah continue to bless and guide the righteous and protect His Servant, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Note: Learn more about the efforts of Brother Abdul Qiyam Muhammad by visiting his webpage at

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