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Pharaoh Fever

President Trump Declares Total Authority Over State Governments!

“If we look at our president—and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad writes that there’s no such word in the Bible as president—all the rulers in the Bible are kings and rulers, not presidents; though the president is in the scripture, not as a president. Now he, President Trump, has a little fever because he wants to be a king. Since he has a feeling that he is greater than a president, he does not desire to be bound by that which the Founding Fathers set up to be a balance for the power of the executive branch of government. So he’s interfering with those institutions—not in a mean-spirited way—he just feels that he could do better if he was the law maker, if he were the judge. Because if the judge doesn’t judge according to the way he sees it, he’ll take the judge on. If the Attorney General doesn’t do what he thinks the head law officer in the country should do, he will take him on.
So the country is right now in great confusion because the institutions of government that were set up by the Founding Fathers are now being challenged by a president who really wants to operate as a king.”

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, July 21, 2019

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