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Notes from The Garden: Standing With The Minister in the Hour of Trial

“I’m a fan of minister Farrakhan because nobody loves black people more than him and that’s just facts. I’m my own man. I believe what I want to believe and I love everybody else. But I love the minister. … He’s teaching me how to be a leader. He’s teaching me more about my people and how to do what’s right. And that’s what it is. Just because you don’t like somebody don’t mean I’m gonna like him. The world don’t work like that and that’s the problem. Ya’ll wanna push your issues, ya’ll wanna push your beliefs, ya’ll wanna push your s—t on people because ya’ll feel this way. I’m my own person. I do what I wanna do. I know how to love the minister and love Jewish people too. I know how to love the minister and love white people too. This is a new day, bruh. Ya’ll don’t get it. And ya’ll might never understand me. It’s cool. I’m 42 years old. I ain’t begged ya’ll to understand me for 42 years … on god. I love minister Farrakhan and ain’t nobody is going to change that. Nobody.”

Stephan Jackson

Will you stand with The Minister in The Garden? Why?

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