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COVID-19: Practical Steps for Self-Care

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Relive the Muhammad Mosque #26 Meeting

As-Salaam Alaikum! Great news travels fast! If you missed our Sunday meeting due to work schedule, health challenges, etc., you may be able to have a recorded message made available to you. If you att


Jimmie X
Jimmie X
Sep 12, 2021

As Salaam Alaikum

Student Minister Abdul Sabur Muhammad are there any suggestions in regards to where we should purchase the COVID Kit or just the Ivermectin?

Replying to

Wa-Alaikum Salaam

In the new editions of the Final Call. in the COVID section, you find a article that includes contact information for Ivermectin. If you, or your family are ill and need to make contact, please let me know and perhaps we can facilitate a contact for you.


As Salaam Alaikum. Minister Sabur, please forgive my typo in your name and anywhere else. It’s my eyesight. Sorry. Sister Kay.


As Salaam Alaikum. Thank Allah for our local leader, Student Minister Abdul Sabur Muhamnad. Alhamdullilah! May Allah bless and protect you Minister Sabur who has shared this link with us and your entire household. Thank you. When I tried to login a day or two after the live webinar, I got the message that it had expired. Thank you again. Sister Kay Muhammad, Modesto, CA.

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